When do you need an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey?

Managing asbestos risk properly is a statutory requirement and an important tool in managing project delivery.  This post discusses when you need to programme in an ‘R&D asbestos survey’.

For any site or structure which falls under the ‘at-risk’ category for asbestos (constructed prior to 2000( you should already have completed an asbestos management survey or have good evidence to support an assessment of the structure being free from asbestos.  All duty holders need to be aware of statutory requirements for asbestos risk management and the consequences of failing to manage that risk effectively.

A management survey is designed to intrude far enough to allow safe normal occupancy and foreseeable maintenance activities to proceed (in accordance with an effective management plan). However, depending on the complexity of the structure, that level of survey will rarely provide enough detail to allow ‘major’ refurbishment activities to proceed and/or demolition.

The key question in deciding whether an intrusive asbestos survey is required is whether the planned scope of works will reveal part of the structure not yet inspected. This will include sealed voids, cavity walls, risers, live plant & equipment and encased structural elements (to name but a few). There may also have been areas that were not fully accessible for the original management survey.

A good desk top study of what information is available and where the gaps are – married up to a very detailed scope of works for the proposed project, will allow a decision to be reached on whether an R&D survey is required. This needs to be done early enough in the project to allow sufficient time for the survey to be planned and implemented. What that involves is for another day!

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