Compensation to teachers soars in 2014

According to the Chronicle Live, the NASUWT, Britain’s largest teaching union, is reporting that pay outs in 2014 soared to a new high following a surge in the number of injury and employment claims.

The largest personal injury claim reported was for £210,000 for a retired 70 year old female member from the East Midlands who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2013. Between 1973 and 1984, the member had worked in two secondary schools and taught in classrooms containing asbestos that was present in the pre-fabricated buildings, in ceiling tiles and on wall panels.

In one classroom, asbestos ceiling tiles would regularly fall down, which the member would have to pick up.

In another classroom, asbestos tiles were replaced during term time and during the school day, generating a large amount of dust. Although liability was initially denied by the employer, a settlement was subsequently agreed.

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